Our Top 10 Pieces of Career Advice to Millennials

Are you a Millennial young college graduate looking for a career advice? If yes, you are at the right place. Giving career advice to fresh graduates is very important because it is becoming harder day after day to get a job. Maybe you have tried lot to get a job with no success. Why did you fail? Because you didn’t have good career advice from an HR manager of a successful company. Without good advice, it can take you several years to learn how to build your career. If you have a good career choice early the better as you can go for success later on. Whichever career path you take, the people you meet and your skill set will determine your success. If you are an optimistic Millennial, then this post is for you.

Tips for the millennial and young professional job seeker from a sales and marketing firm’s HR manager point of view.

  1. Envision your career as a sequence of experiences

Remember what you specialized on in college or how long you stay in one career doesn’t make you feel accomplished, succeed and make an impact in your life. You have to go through several experiences and careers even if it means going to another country so that you can understand what suits you better.

  1. Do not settle for a career that you are not zealous about

A smart person doesn’t settle in an uncomfortable job because he or she understands that life is too short to make that mistake. If you take a job only because it pays well, then you may not last long there.

  1. Concentrate on making a mark instantly

If you make an impact immediately, then your superiors will recognize you immediately. Millennials have to learn and master their jobs as fast as possible so that they can be offered other valuable and bigger projects that can make them be recognized.

  1. Welcome risks often and early in your career

In the entrepreneurial world, not taking a risk is risky and dangerous. Why? The businesses keep on evolving and those that do not evolve with time get left behind. Whether you fail or succeed does not matter much because you will learn something new.

  1. Spend most of your free time with people instead of electronics

Understand that people are the ones that will hire you, promote you and not technologies. Also, person to person communications develops stronger relationships than online communications.

  1. Build case studies and measure your work output

Currently, recruiters are looking for outputs or your impact in decreasing input costs and increasing revenue. Remember your project outcomes will justify your promotion.

  1. To succeed tomorrow sacrifice today

Spend most of your free time working on something that you love because it will pay off later. It can take you even several years to achieve what you want but at the end you will get your freedom.

  1. Centralize your job profile

The best way of centralizing your profile is by owning a website. As you develop and grow your skills, you can add them to the site where they are accessible to many people at any time.

  1. Travel to learn more about languages and cultures

Companies are looking for people who are fluent in more than one language and those who can adapt to almost anywhere as they go global.

  1. Find suitable mentors

Ensure you look for a mentor that lives your dream lifestyle so that he or she can offer you guidance on how to move to that level.



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