5 Reasons Why MGA Business Consulting Only Promotes from Within

Nowadays we hear more people demanding growth and opportunity within their work places, and not getting what they want. By the same token, a mediocre work ethic is never promoted in exceptional work environments. Encouragement, motivation and recognition are three main components that make up our Management Training Program at MGA Business Consulting. Hard work and dedication gets rewarded with promotions and recognition quite regularly. We start everybody off in our entry level position, to not only say and prove that absolutely everybody within our office can lead from the forefront, but to show that they had the drive to make it happen. We show such a high rate of success from promoting from within, that it’s become a staple at MGA Business Consulting. Why you ask? Here’s 5 reasons: 

  1. See the Fruits of your Labor

Working eleven hour days, five days a week, and not getting any results from it, does not create a motivated employee. Those who put the time and effort into their careers, surely see the results. Promotions don’t come quickly or at all at MGA Business Consulting, unless you work hard for them. If you hit the ground running on your career path, you are sure to see the fruits of your labor in no time. If you think that slow and steady wins the race, this can also be true, which therefore, you should be patient, however that isn’t necessarily the case through our Management Training Program. Either way, we believe that working hard will get you to where you want to be. “Where we are at any given moment is a sum of the decisions we have made.”

  1. Loyalty

Knowing that you have a support system in your career and a team of people willing to assist you and cheer you on is a wonderful feeling. Having a boss or mentor that genuinely cares about your next promotion and achievement is nothing short of amazing. Those two things can lay a great foundation for loyalty. Once you realize that the company that you work so hard for wants to see you succeed just as much, it’s hard to think about any other career paths.

  1. Play to Win Mentality

We’ve found that promoting from within motivates everybody else within MGA Business Consulting, by showing how they got there, step by step. Our team is instantly inspired to play to win. Promoting from within starts a spark within not only an entry level employee, but our entire team, to get the fire going so that they too can begin to reap the benefits of their hard work. If you can see that is a guaranteed prize at the end of the game, without a doubt, you are going to play to win.

  1. Growing Desire

When running hurdles, you come to your first one and it’s the biggest challenge. It’s the first leap. The second one comes around a little easier. After the third you start to believe you have what’s necessary to tackle all of the hurdles and win the race. Now apply that to your career. Your first achievement probably felt like the hardest. From there, your momentum started growing, along with your desire to get achieve even more. Soon enough, you start to imagine yourself as a Manager, business owner, or mentor, and how you would want things to run WHEN that happens. Gaining that desire keeps you pushing harder and harder, day in and day out, until you finally reach your goals, and in turn, create greater goals that are now in your sights. 

  1. Big Picture

Everybody has their long term goals, or their “why”. Keeping that goal in mind, does a lot more for someone who is making those necessary changes to become successful, than that person who just wants to be better at something just because. Promoting from within can help you reach those goals, because your mentors know what you are shooting for, and why, and how to get you there. Our “employees” at MGA Business Consulting are actually referred to as team members, leaders, and mentors, because we all have a long term goal we have to achieve, and teamwork (among team members) is the fastest way to get there. It takes a team of people to reach your goals. No one has ever achieved success on their own.


Remember, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” –Mark Twain.



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