The Better Business of Happiness

The most tempting aspect of running a successful workplace is to keep results at its highest level. MGA Business Consulting knows that a good employee is a happy employee. A happy and positive work place will actually see better results than one ruled by fears and pressure. Below are the reasons we encourage a fun and inviting atmosphere with our team.

The benefits of the positive work atmosphere at MGA Business Consulting:

  • Our team works together and compensates for each other’s skill sets
  • Better communication between all levels of leadership, from Entry Level to Manager
  • Better attendance (the happier a person is, the stronger their immune system)
  • Open door policy is taken advantage of; Our team is not afraid to give ideas
  • Clearer focus to hone in on tasks instead of being distracted by fears of failure
  • Our team is more apt to taking on more ambitious responsibilities early on
  • New team members quickly realize that they can rely on more seasoned ones, and get adjusted to the work environment faster
  • Our team works harder than the average workplace because we know they care, because top leadership cares
  • Studies have shown that the more laughter is heard at work, that work place is three times more productive – We LOVE to have fun!
  • A happier team member is more motivated
  • Happier businesses outperform their competitors – We have proof!

However, you cannot just wish for a better workplace and watch it transform. You have to be involved. It’s the responsibility of our leadership team to promote this “lifestyle” among our team, and live it. (After all, change does come from the top!)

Ways we increase positivity among our team:

  • We listen seriously to all suggestions from every person in our office
  • We implement the best fitting suggestions that were brought to us by our team by voting on what’s best
  • We’re as flexible as we can be when it comes to certain situations – If we can help, we will go above and beyond to!
  • We trust our team 100% and allow them try new things if it’s felt that it will make a positive impact
  • Everyone is given their general responsibilities, and is coached through what they need, however, in the end everyone is responsible for themselves (we each need our independence) – There is no micro managing at MGA Business Consulting
  • We LOVE to comment on the successes of our team in individual and group settings
  • Everyone on our team is respected – From Entry Level, to Assistant Manager, to Partner. You earn more respect based on how hard you work.
  • We set realistic expectations for our team based upon their individual successes in the past
  • We celebrate ALL victories – A win is a win, no matter how big!
  • We accept that some failure is a part of the learning process – You have to fail some in order to win big!
  • We believe in leading by example – If our leadership team is to ask something of someone, it’s because they’ve done it before, or are going to do it with them.
  • We have an open-door policy – If anyone on our team needs to speak directly with anyone else, they have every opportunity to do so
  • We have FUN!


The goal is not to get through the work day, it is to make the most out of all the effort our team is putting in on a daily basis. Better businesses are happy businesses… And the MGA Business Consulting team is always happy!



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