From Colombia To Consulting: MGA Business Consulting Presents Kevin Pinilla

The thing we love most about our culture at MGA Business Consulting in Phoenix, AZ is the diversity. A melting pot of backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences, the array of personalities we host gives our firm a “special spice” that separates us from others in the same industry.

Queue Kevin Pinilla, newly promoted Assistant Manager, here at MGA Business Consulting. Colombian born and bred, Kevin grew up a product of Bogata (the capital city of Columbia) until his family relocated to Los Angeles when he was 5 years old. Learning English as a second language, Kevin recalls being uncomfortable in a new environment, but realized, even as a child, that the discomfort was part of a bigger growth process. Like his mom, who worked her way through cosmetology school and now oversees 3 salons, Kevin knew that coming to America was an opportunity to become the best version of himself.

An incredibly active and competitive child, Kevin grew up playing soccer, football, basketball, and even picked up skateboarding! With a desire to always do his best and win, Kevin learned the importance of focus and dedication when setting and accomplishing goals.

When his family moved from LA to Arizona in high school, Kevin learned about the benefits of joining the military when a scout came to speak to his class. Signing up for the Army at only 17 years old, Kevin enlisted as soon as he turned 18 and became a combat engineer, aka the person responsible for searching and detonating IEDs (he’s crazy, we know!). After 3 years active duty, an additional year in the reserves, a station in Missouri and California, Kevin separated from the military eager to start his new life back in Arizona closer to his family.

Employed first in the construction industry, Kevin spent a few years framing hospitals and office buildings, eager himself to one day work in an office and wear a suit! When he was ready to transition from the construction field, Kevin began applying to several different positions and companies eager to get his foot in the door. Interviewing with MGA Business Consulting’s CEO, Andres Campanucci, Kevin clicked immediately, relating to Andres’ journey to America and professional growth compared to what he would have received in his home country. After several successful interviews and a full-time offer, Kevin recalls starting with the company back in October of 2015 as the best career move he ever made.

In just a year and a half, Kevin has seen himself grow exponentially in communication and leadership ability. He takes high accountability for others growth and development, assuming responsibilities even outside of his role. It is because of this selflessness that Kevin was recently promoted into an Assistant Management role, well on his way to helping MGA Business Consulting expand into a new location here in the next quarter. When asked what it takes to be successful in business, he responded, “it just takes hard work. All you have to do is show up, and work hard…it’s not difficult, it’s just that most people don’t want to do even that.”

When he’s not working, you can find Kevin hanging out with his 2-year-old daughter, trying new restaurants around Arizona, and reading books for self-development (he currently recommends Start With Why by Simon Sinek)! The energy, intensity, and charisma Kevin contributes to our team are priceless, and we are thrilled by his growth so far. Starting first as an inexperienced sales representative, Kevin has blossomed into an extremely competent manager who leads and inspires the entire MGA Business Consulting team.

To experience the rest of Kevin’s journey into management, follow MGA on Instagram @Mgabusinessconsulting or tweet with us @mgabizconsltg! & to Kevin, we appreciate you and are proud of you – congratulations, buddy, and don’t ever stop working hard because that’s what separates you from the pack!


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