MGA Business Consulting Testimonials: Hear It From Our Team

At MGA Business Consulting, we pride ourselves on offering a dynamic work environment – a corporate culture that promotes unity, competition, results, and fun flawlessly. Though biased, we think we work with the absolute best talent in Phoenix. Our people are ambitious, educated, and goal-oriented as they come, and are hands down the reason our company is one of the top workplaces in Arizona. We wanted to ask 5 of our firm’s top performers to review their time and experience with us and the collection of answers both surprised and impressed us. Read here ⬇️⬇️

1d079a86504d47f29f0df22a5ee42b7eMatt Miller | Corporate Trainer

How has the Management Training Program at MGA Business Consulting improved you as a person?

“This program has literally changed my life. I have always tried to be a top leader in sales in every role I have had, but with the coaching I’ve received at MGA Business Consulting, specifically from CEO, Andres, and Assistant Manager, Kevin, I
now see how important it is to develop others. It’s funny how when you help other people improve professionally and find success, you always find it yourself too.

Growing up in a football family, (Dad played for the Vikings and mom was a cheerleader for the 49ers), I always relate football analogies to my life experiences, and with this career I’ve learned to adjust from being a Senior WR to becoming the Quarterback. Next step for me is to move into a Junior Partner role, similar to a head coach position!


45e45f327a2c407a8b5d3956ad2e6054Brandon Senff | Corporate Trainer

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since working at MGA Business Consulting?

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from working with MGA is that building relationships is the cornerstone for creating a successful business! Relationships we create within the Office are essential for the business to run smoothly, however, relationships developed and fostered outside of the office is the difference that keeps us operating at an extremely high level. There is a sense that this person besides me has my back no matter what and in return they know I have their back. We are only successful if the people in front, beside, or behind us are equally successful.”

ff88106890354f4a833afb7e022137a2Mylo Le | Corporate Trainer

What does your future look like with MGA & what would you recommend to someone wanting to work here?

“My future at MGA Business Consulting looks promising. I plan to continue to grow as a businessman, and show my family and siblings that facing the adversities of everyday life with authenticity in their heart will always generate the results they desire. Professionally, I plan to pass on my knowledge to thousands of other people so I can help them be successful and personally, I want to touch as many hearts as I can. To someone wanting to work here I recommend coming hungry. Be hungry to learn from as many people as you can, hungry to be the best, to have your name known for all of the right reasons. With that hunger, all promotions at MGA Business Consulting are just a matter of time.”

4b5175b7ece0447680ce067355c27820.pngCamilo Maya | Corporate Trainer

What growth have you seen in yourself since starting at MGA? 

“I have grown personally on my outlook in business and how to deal with success and adversity. Professionally I have learned how to sell, train, interview and maintain a team. I have enjoyed my time at MGA with other young ambitious people that want to grow, and plan to be with the company for many years to come.”

As you can tell, a career at MGA Business Consulting is more than a marketing & sales role. It is an opportunity for growth as an individual, a leader, a friend, and more. We could not be more proud of these 5 young men and look forward to debuting more MGA testimonials next month. Be sure to follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #MGABusinessConsultingReviews!


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