Why Sales Equals Success

Believe it or not, most of us at MGA Business Consulting had no intention of having a long-term career in sales! In fact, our backgrounds vary from former military, restaurant managers, teachers, and customer service professionals. Despite this opportunity falling in our lap, we couldn’t imagine a career more challenging, entertaining, and financially freeing.

Why Choose A Career In Sales 

While the answer this question is many, we’ve summarized it into 5 benefits we experience daily!

THE CHALLENGE: One of the greatest prospects of a sales career is the constant challenge. For those that fear stagnation or a job with monotony, sales are the EXACT opposite of that. Every day is something different – new customers, new objections, new campaigns, new products – it’s always changing and forces you to be on your A game. People love to win, and there are few things as rewarding in business as closing a deal that puts a substantial bonus in your wallet and benefits the company.

THE MONEY: There are few careers that offer unlimited earning potential. While working on a commission pay structure may sound intimidating, it’s appealing to those who believe they’re worth more than $X/per hour. We’ve each been in situations early in our career where we worked harder than our peers but received the same pay, and for those experiences alone have turned to an industry work ethic translates to higher pay. On top of uncapped commission, most sales companies, including MGA Business Consulting, use bonuses, gift cards, and vacations as a form of recognition as well!

THE FREEDOM: At MGA Business Consulting, there is no such thing as micromanagement. The way we look at it, if we’re looking to develop sales managers for our clients and groom them to oversee new office locations, holding their hand every minute of the day benefits either of us. We empower our people to be the master of their day by working on managing their time, their mindset, and their results. This freedom to think for themselves develops stronger leaders who eventually learn to achieve freedom of time and money.

THE JOB SECURITY: There are MANY jobs that can be outsourced out of the country, but face-to-face sales are not one of them. As long as you are a contributing, producing member of a sales team, job security is in the bag. Since ALL businesses revolve around sales, the more valuable you make yourself to your employer, the less likely you are to be replaced or the victim of a workforce reduction. If you have experience in sales, your market value is invaluable to a company.

THE GROWTH: Most companies, MGA Business Consulting included, prefer to hire sales managers internally. Why? Because they know that it takes a seasoned vet to motivate and inspire an entire sales team. There is a definite mutual respect when a coach was once a former player. With promotions based on factors like results generated, reliability, and the ability to train others RATHER than spending 10 years minimum at a company, most sales professionals find comfort in knowing that their growth is tied to their work, not their tenure.

According to Success Magazine, 70% of Fortune 500 executives started in or are in sales right now. Whether they started for the challenge, the money, the freedom, job security or growth, what they all found is the overwhelming ability to control their own fate couldn’t be ignored. If you’re in sales and reading the blog, feel free to comment on what you love most about your career, OR if you’re reading this blog considering a career in sales, just try it. We know we’re all glad we did!




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